Kare Packages

In 2017 my husband Tony was diagnosed with ALS. For the last 2 years my husband and I have struggled, learned and have grown as a couple as we try to wrap our brains around the challenges and handicaps we now have to face. ALS is a terminal illness that essentially causes Tony's muscles to weaken as it deadens the neurons that control those muscles. The average life expectancy for someone after they are diagnosed is 2-5 years. Everyday my husband is able to do less and less on his own. I am his main caregiver, something neither of us thought I would have to do at only 30 years of age.
Since Tony's diagnosis we have met so many other wonderful and inspiring individuals that have been diagnosed with, or affected by, this awful disease. I am extremely blessed to have an entire support group of people that are able to truly relate to the situation we have been put in. And it's because of this group of individuals that I wanted to create something that would provide a bit of extra love into their lives.

Buy One Send One

The idea of #buyonesendone recently came to me as I celebrated my best friend, and MKT Co-Founder's birthday. We were enjoying a nice meal and discussing some of the upcoming events for ALS Tony and I have.
ALS not only affects the diagnosed, but everyone who loves the affected as well. The caregivers and support group for the ALS patient need just as much love and support and can sometimes get forgotten. I wanted to create something that would put an unexpected smile onto someone's face. And that's when the idea of Kare Packages was born.
Kare Packages consist of beaded bracelets with unique charms. There will be different collections for different charms. When you purchase a bracelet we will send another bracelet for free to someone affected by ALS. This package can be anonymous or with a personalized note.
Even if you don't personally know someone affected by ALS but still want to contribute you can purchase a bracelet and we will send it in your to name to one of the many people I know in the ALS community.
-Karen Vick
The VICKtory Collection Bracelet
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